My Coding Journey

My Coding Journey


Today, I will share with you a little about my journey from WordPress to custom web development and some goals I have moving forward.

I began building WordPress websites when I worked for the organ department at BYU. I redesigned and built their website using the Jupiter theme and WP Bakery page builder. I later redesigned the site using the Elementor Pro page builder.

Following working for BYU, I started my own business building WordPress websites for individuals and small businesses. During this time, I learned about the GeneratePress theme. I was intrigued by this theme because it is lightweight and “focuses on speed, stability, and accessibility”. It did everything I needed, without added unecessary functionalities to slow it down. I began to use this theme in all my websites to improve page speed and help SEO.


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I wanted to expand my coding skillset, so I enrolled in the LaunchCode Web Development Bootcamp where I learned JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML, Java, SpringBoot, Hibernate, Thymeleaf, and MySQL. I loved challenging my brain, meeting new people, and learning new coding languages!

My LaunchCode capstone project was building a College Explorer Application where a user could search for colleges in the United States based on certain criteria such as student body size, location, degree program, and tuition. A user could create an account, login, and save favorite colleges to their profile. They could then make notes on a given college and compare colleges side-by-side. To build this project, I used React/Axios/Bootstrap on the frontend and Java/Spring Boot/MySQL/Spring Auth on the backend. I queried data from the CollegeScorecard API. Currently, the code to my project is in a GitHub repository and my next goal is to figure out how to deploy it so others can use it!

Future Goals

  • Build an attendance app using React and Supabase
  • Learn Python by working through the Python exercises on Exercism
  • Continue to grow my business to include building web apps for clients
  • Develop a portfolio site from scratch to showcase my skills and projects